Request for proposals

Request for Proposals: Scoping Study, International Technology Verification Center


This request for proposals (RFP) seeks a consultant or consulting team with expertise in technologies for freight efficiency, operational strategies, and technology verification to develop a detailed set of recommendations for what is needed to create and sustain an International Technology Verification Center (ITVC). The proposal will identify a potential timeline, the roles of various organizations, the budgetary and staffing requirements, the potential benefits, the potential risks, and potential funding streams to support the creation and implementation of an ITVC. The overall deliverable from this project is a high-quality report that lays out the critical details and next steps involved in the development of an ITVC.

Download the RFP here.


Proposals can be up to $50,000.


Deadline for proposals is June 20 27, 2014. The award is expected to be made by July 10, 2014.


To receive updates to this RFP or other announcements, or for questions, contact Rachel Muncrief (, 202-407-8343). See the RFP for full guidelines on submitting proposals.