Sumati Kohli
Associate Researcher

Location: New Delhi

With ICCT since: 2021


Areas of Focus


Sumati Kohli is an Associate Researcher based in New Delhi, India. Her research interests include the electric vehicles ecosystem and associated policy analysis, specifically focusing on passenger vehicles. At the ICCT, she evaluates the effectiveness of current transport decarbonization policies in India, particularly focusing on assessing the role and effectiveness of financial incentives and vehicle taxation policies. She holds a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in Commerce with a specialization in finance, both from the University of Delhi (India). Her previous experience includes research on the financial viability of EV charge point operators, impact on power grid load on account of electrification of transport, and analysis of transport decarbonization policies in other Asian countries. She also has teaching experience in financial modeling, business ethics, and business statistics at the undergraduate level.