Cartogram: Passenger car markets and carbon emissions in the EU

The two cartograms below depict the relative size in 2010 of the new passenger car markets in the Member States of the European Union, and their relative average new car carbon emissions.[1]

Cartogram: PV registrations and carbon emissions, EU-27, 2010The Member State with the largest sales volume of new cars is Germany, where about 3 million cars (one-quarter of the EU total) are sold each year. At the same time, cars in Germany tend to have higher CO2 emissions than in other EU countries. The average new car in Germany emits 151 g/km of CO2. Only a few of the eastern European member states, like Bulgaria, Estonia and Latvia, have higher emissions on average.[2] Other important car markets in Europe include France, the United Kingdom, and Italy. In each of these about 2 million new passenger cars are sold each year. Together with Germany, they account for about 70% of the total EU car market. The average new car in France emitted 131 g/km in 2010, in the UK 144 g/km, and in Italy 133 g/km. These figures are close to the EU target established by regulation for 2015 of 130 g/km. For 2020 the regulation sets a target of 95 g/km. The member states in the EU with the lowest CO2 emissions per car in 2010 were Denmark and Portugal, both at 127 g/km.

Cartogram: LCV registrations and carbon emissions, EU-27, 2010For new light-commercial vehicles (vans), the EU has set targets of 175 g/km for 2017 and 147 g/km for 2020. The overall average emission level in 2010 was 180 g/km.[3] This means that manufacturers are already close to reaching their 2017 target ahead of time. However, as the map below reveals, there are significant differences between the different member states. Again, Germany has the highest CO2 emission level per vehicle at 210 g/km. However, for light-commercial vehicles it is only third largest market. France, with about 400,000 new vans per year and a market share of almost 30%, is the largest market. Its emissions are at a level of 162 g/km. The UK is the second largest market, with about 15% market share, and an emission level of 195 g/km.

[1] Data source: European Environmental Agency (2011). Monitoring the CO2 emissions from new passenger cars in the EU: Summary of data for 2010. [2] The new EU member states, the EU-12, are summarized in this map and shown as one block with an average CO2 emission of 148 g/km. [3] Data source: ICCT internal vehicle database based on data from registration authorities and vehicle manufacturers.