2019 International Workshop on Green Freight Initiatives

(Versión en español aquí)

From November 18–20, 2019, 150 people from 10 countries gathered at the International Workshop on Green Freight Initiatives in Brasilia, Brazil, to discuss green freight initiatives in Latin America. The event, hosted by the Brazilian National Confederation of Transport (CNT) and the Social Transport Service and the National Apprenticeship Service of Transport (SEST SENAT), was co-organized and supported by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), and the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT).

During the first two days, speakers and attendees explored the relevance of the freight transport sector in the economy and its disproportionate contribution to pollutant emissions. Representatives from different countries gave presentations about existing green freight programs and the context in which they have been implemented. Collaboration and exchange were emphasized as key elements for fostering green freight throughout Latin America. Driver training, capacity building, technology verification programs were also discussed by the participants, as was current research and trends. Additionally, some companies shared lessons learned from implementing the innovative solutions. The workshop closed with an exciting and open discussion about the opportunities for green freight programs and initiatives in the region.

On the third half-day, participants visited one of the SEST SENAT technical facilities in Samambaia, southwest of Brasilia. There they learned about the driver training program adopted by CNT/SEST SENAT, which is based on NRCan’s Smart Driver program. Participants also learned about other training courses, on-site resources and an electric bus pilot in Brasilia.


Leticia Pineda