ICCT comments on EPA’s Proposed Heavy-Duty Engine and Vehicle Standards

May 10th at 10 am PT/1 pm ET

In March, the EPA released its proposal for new heavy-duty engine and vehicle standards with the aim of controlling air pollution from future sales of trucks and buses. The EPA is currently accepting public comments, and the ICCT, among others, has been working to evaluate the rule and advise on how it can be improved. The comments we have produced reflect decades of experience in vehicle regulation from around the world, are grounded in both the technical and economic realities, and are driven by the near-term goal of improving human health and the long-term goal of keeping global warming under 1.5 degrees.

This webinar will provide an overview of ICCT’s views on the proposed rule and our public comments. Our experts will walk through the risks posed by ZEV crediting, the health impacts of NOx emissions, and the importance of accelerating ZEV uptake through more stringent GHG standards.

Presenters: Ray Minjares, Heavy-duty Vehicles Program Director,
Claire Buysse, Associate Researcher
Sara Kelly, Associate Researcher

Click here for the webinar recording.


Ray Minjares