The evolution of ZEV incentives

Zero-emission vehicles
Fiscal policies

Watch the webinar recording here.

Financial incentives have been a cornerstone of governmental efforts to promote zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs). As the market has grown, incentive programs have evolved in an effort to promote a just transition and make the best use of limited funds. In 2024, many incentive programs for passenger vehicles are now being scaled back or discontinued, while incentive programs for heavy-duty trucks are being created or expanded.

This ZEV Alliance webinar will summarize findings from a new report which surveyed financial incentives for light- and heavy-duty ZEVs across the world’s leading markets and identified opportunities to maximize the social and environmental benefits of incentives. It will also feature presentations and Q&A with two ZEV Alliance governments — Austria and New York state — on how they have designed and adapted their incentive programs and what might come next.

  • Tobias Begle, Analyst, AustriaTech
  • Samantha Eigner, Analyst, AustraTech
  • Adam Lomasney, Program Manager, New York State Energy Research and Development Authority
  • Alexander Tankou, Researcher, International Council on Clean Transportation
  • Dale Hall, Senior Researcher, International Council on Clean Transportation (moderator)

Download the related ZEV Alliance report.

Dale Hall