Electrifying last-mile delivery: Total cost of ownership analysis

July 12, 2022, 3 pm CEST

Last-mile delivery vehicles are a prime candidate for electrification due to their predictable schedules and relatively short routes. But how does the total cost of ownership of electric delivery vehicles compare to their diesel counterparts? In some major European cities, cost parity is expected to be achieved this year, while others will see parity by the end of this decade.

This webinar will present new research by ICCT and the Regulatory Assistance Project which uses comprehensive modeling to consider the different cost components fleet operators encounter during ownership, such as purchase costs, detailed energy costs, maintenance costs, taxes, and financing costs. The authors will also discuss policy measures that could help to overcome the cost of ownership gap between battery-electric and diesel trucks in the near term and stimulate early market uptake of last-mile delivery battery-electric trucks.

Hussein Basma, Associate Researcher, ICCT
Julia Hildermeier, Associate, Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP)


Hussein Basma