Battery-electric tractor-trailers in Europe: A total cost of ownership analysis

Electrification Zero-emission vehicles

Advances in battery technology have enabled the application of electric drive across transport segments that are challenging to decarbonize, such as long-distance tractor-trailers. However, many uncertainties still exist concerning the total cost of operation of such vehicles, impacting their large-scale deployment.

This webinar will review new research assessing the total cost of ownership of battery electric trucks across the European Union and in seven European countries responsible for more than 75% of truck sales. In addition, the webinar will offer policies that can all but eliminate the cost of ownership gap between battery electric and diesel trucks across the region.

Hussein Basma, Associate researcher, Heavy-duty vehicles program
Felipe Rodríguez, Program lead, Heavy-duty vehicle program

Monday, February 7, 2022
2 pm–2:30 pm CET


Hussein Basma