Press release

Global Green Freight Action Plan launched

The Global Green Freight Action Plan was officially launched yesterday, 27 May 2015, at the International Transport Forum’s 2015 Annual Summit in Leipzig, Germany. The Action Plan is a product of work that was called for when 50 countries and organizations officially endorsed its development at last year’s Climate Summit.

The Action Plan defines tangible actions that are meant to address three main challenges in the world of green freight: (1) the lack of a globally harmonized effort that allows multinational shippers to take full advantage of green freight program benefits; (2) the lack of resources and knowledge for those interested in starting or improving a fledgling program; and (3) the lack of attention paid to black carbon and other pollutants in most green freight programs. The Action Plan lays out a 15-year vision for how these challenges can be overcome through targeted action and well-defined milestones.

To download the Action Plan go to, or email for more information.