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ICCT part of a research group awarded the European Commission's Horizon Prize

Berlin, 16 April 2018— The European Commission today awarded a research consortium made up of the Danish Clean-Tech company Amminex (owned by Faurecia), the British catalyst manufacturer Johnson Matthey, the Technical University Graz of Austria, and the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) its Horizon Prize for the best retrofit solution for a Euro 5 diesel passenger car.

Combining technology provided by Amminex and Johnson Matthey with scientific support from the TU Graz and the ICCT, the team succeeded in drastically reducing the nitrogen oxide emissions of a model year 2014 Euro 5 diesel passenger car. Following the retrofit, the vehicle now has NOx emissions equivalent to Euro 6 levels in real driving conditions.

“The success of our research team demonstrates that addressing NOx emissions of Euro 5 diesel passenger cars by improving the emission control components is technically possible,” said Dr. Rachel Muncrief, Program Director at the ICCT. “Older diesel cars can meet the Euro 6 emission limits, even under real-world driving conditions, with the help of retrofit technology.”

Millions of Euro 5 diesel passenger cars are registered across Europe, and remain in operation on European roads. “Software updates by themselves will not control vehicle emissions well enough to comply with the air quality limits in every city,” said Dr. Peter Mock, Managing Director of ICCT Europe. “We therefore need technical retrofit solutions for the existing vehicle fleet. And the burden of finding and funding those solution should be borne by the car industry, not shifted to the consumer or taxpayer.”

The Horizon prize was awarded in a side event at the Transport Research Arena (TRA) conference in Vienna. In total, seven research groups submitted retrofit concepts to the prize committee.

Link to the Amminex press release with more details and photographs:


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