Policy update

Global update on scrubber bans and restrictions

Provides a global overview of the countries and ports that have implemented measures restricting the use of scrubbers and describes where and how the rules apply.

Global map showing the 93 measures restricting or banning scrubbers that have been implemented in 45 countries; green indicates a ban and orange indicates a restriction
Working Paper

Evaluation of factors that affect total cost of ownership in support of Transjakarta’s electric bus adoption plans

Adopting zero-emission electric buses (e-buses) for public transit presents significant challenges for fleet owners and operators. Transjakarta, the largest bus transit system in Indonesia, has an ambitious plan to fully transition to e-buses by 2030. That transition requires a better understanding of the main factors that affect capital and operational costs of conventional and e-buses […]

ICCT Authors: Adhi Triatmojo,