Fugitive and Unburned Methane Emissions from Ships (FUMES): Characterizing methane emissions from LNG-fueled ships using drones, helicopters, and on-board measurements

The FUMES report, a collaboration between ICCT, Explicit ApS, and TNO, reveals that real-world methane emissions from LNG-fueled ships, including “methane slip” from marine engines, exceed E.U. and IMO assumptions.


Comparing the future demand for, supply of, and life-cycle emissions from bio, synthetic, and fossil LNG marine fuels in the European Union

Estimates demand for liquefied natural gas (LNG) fuel for ships trading with the European Union in 2030 and compares the life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions of using fossil or renewable LNG to consider renewable LNG’s potential to support climate goals.

LNG tanker ship docked at a port