Transition to Soot-free Heavy-duty Vehicles and Fuels Workshop: Accelerating Adoption of Euro VI and Electric Vehicles Technology in the Heavy-duty Transport Sector

Heavy-duty diesel vehicles move a large share of people and goods, yet this reliance on diesel technology comes with significant environmental and health costs. HDVs are responsible globally for 86% of on-road diesel NOx emissions and 78% of on-road diesel black carbon (BC) emissions, despite accounting for less than a quarter of the diesel vehicle […]

Transition to soot-free heavy-duty vehicle and fuels: Technical workshop on electrification of the heavy-duty vehicles

This technical workshop is expected to add more insights for key government officials in ASEAN countries on the latest technology development for the electrification of heavy-duty transport. The workshop is also a good opportunity to understand better available technical assistance and funding opportunities from various donors and development agencies to support policy design and implementation […]

Plan de estudios sobre la transición ​tecnológica para flotas de buses ​urbanos cero emisiones y libres de hollín

(English version here.) Este plan de estudios presenta conceptos e ideas clave relevantes para las transiciones tecnológicas de flotas hacia buses libres de hollín y cero emisiones. El objetivo general es desarrollar la capacidad de los operadores de buses locales y las autoridades de tránsito, además de compartir las mejores prácticas y ayudar a facilitar […]

Transition to Soot-free Heavy-duty Vehicles and Fuels: Regional Workshop for Southeast Asia

The International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) together with United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) are implementing a project funded by the Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC) to address the issue of emissions from heavy-duty vehicles and fuels in the ASEAN region. The ICCT is a non-governmental organization based on Washington D.C., that provides first-rate, […]

Soot-free and zero-emission urban bus fleets technology transition curriculum

(Versión en español aquí.) This curriculum introduces key concepts and ideas relevant to fleet-wide technology transitions to soot-free and zero-emission buses. The overarching goal is to build capacity for local bus operators and transit authorities, in addition to sharing best practices and helping facilitate the growth of a global community of bus fleet operators and […]

Hacia vehículos libres de hollín en América Latina

Si bien América Latina alberga las flotas de buses eléctricos más grandes y de más rápido crecimiento fuera de China, solo 3 países de la región – México, Brasil y Colombia – han adoptado los estándares Euro VI / EPA 2010 a nivel nacional. Si bien las ciudades han ayudado a impulsar los estándares, los […]