Policy update

China’s Clean Diesel Action Plan: Phase II

Fifteen Chinese government agencies jointly launched the Action Plan for the Battle Against Diesel Truck Pollution in November 2022. The purpose is to substantially clean up diesel-powered transportation fleets, including on-road diesel vehicles, off-road diesel equipment, and shipping engines, and this plan can be considered as a kind of second phase of the previous plan to address diesel pollution, published in 2018. This paper is an overview of the new plan, which includes of 14 actions under five program areas: modal shift; clean diesel trucks; clean non-road machinery and ships; regular inspection and monitoring of truck fleets in key industries; and joint enforcement actions on non-compliant trucks. Priority is placed on the so-called key regions, the dozen provinces and municipal cities that are prone to air pollution and thus are subject to tougher requirements and closer supervision. It also puts particular emphasis on diesel trucks and non-road machinery, especially those that transport coal, ore, and minerals.