Consultant report

Implementing fuel-saving technologies in VECTO: Options and estimated gains

The simulation tools used in regulatory environments are simpler than the proprietary tools that truck manufacturers use for powertrain development, but they are being further developed in collaboration with OEMs to include more technologies with fuel-saving potential (e.g. advanced transmissions or intelligent management of auxiliaries).

This report, “Options to consider future advanced fuel-saving technologies in the CO2 test procedure for HDV” (commissioned by the ICCT from the Technical University of Graz), offers some insight into how several fuel-saving technologies—e.g., hybridization, state-of-the-art auxiliaries, waste heat recuperation or driver support systems—could be implemented in VECTO (the EU’s tool for the simulation of heavy-duty vehicle efficiency) via generic or vehicle-specific modules. In doing so, it also offers expert estimations of the fuel-efficiency gains that one can reasonably expect from these technologies.

Staff contact: Vicente Franco