White paper

Light-commercial vehicles in India, 2014-15: Technology assessment and international comparisons

The fleet average CO2 emissions for LCVs were 157.6 g/km in FY 2014-15. For the M2 category, the fleet average emissions were 238.1 g/km. Our analysis shows that even though the EU’s LCVs have higher fleet emissions on average, their fleet is also more efficient than those of Japan and India for the same weight categories. Reducing the fuel consumption of LCVs in each class to the level of their respective best-in-class vehicles can help reach the EU 2017 LCV fuel consumption target in India. This reduction can be accomplished by introducing more fuel-efficient technologies to the LCV segment. Thus, India should consider adopting a LCV fuel consumption standard on par with EU LCV CO2 standard.

The fuel-efficiency labeling program could be expanded to include LCVs. BEE’s star-rating bands for passenger cars would be effective for measurement of LCVs, and could easily be implemented.