Working Paper

Market analysis of heavy-duty commercial trailers in Canada

Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) commissioned this commercial trailer market study along with a previous research project to investigate the costs and adoption rates of heavy-duty commercial trailer fuel-saving technologies in Canada. Both of these studies were done as part of ECCC’s due diligence to explore the feasibility of integrating these trailers into the second phase of its heavy-duty vehicle greenhouse gas regulation, as was done in the U.S. in its final Phase 2 regulation.

In this study, the project team analyzed the new trailer sales market and also interviewed a variety of experts from the trucking industry in Canada in order to estimate typical ownership cycles and activity rates for various types of trailers. The data collected in this study was an important input into ECCC’s analysis of the market impacts and the benefits and costs of regulating trailers, which was one of the key new elements of their Phase 2 regulatory proposal.