Potential biofuel production pathways in Indonesia: Overview of processes, feedstocks, and types of fuel

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Because of its abundant biofuel feedstocks, Indonesia has the potential to produce biofuels via a number of pathways, including using different technologies and feedstocks to create different fuels. There is strong policy support in the country for biodiesel, and the government has also recently started to encourage the use of biogas and biomass for the electricity sector. In order for biofuels policy to support Indonesia’s commitment to low-carbon growth, however, it is crucial to choose feedstocks that are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

This briefing provides an overview of many of the biofuel production pathway options that are likely to be of interest to Indonesian policymakers, and each is detailed in the table below. The authors additionally summarize the current state of development of the various biofuels in Indonesia. While there are growing biodiesel, conventional bioethanol, and biogas (through anaerobic digestion) industries, the hydroprocessing and gasification pathways are in the early stage of development, and the cellulosic ethanol discussion is just beginning.

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