Policy update

Supplemental WHTC testing for Euro IV/V heavy-duty vehicles in China

China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) has issued a new, nationwide standard requiring China IV and V (equivalent to Euro IV and V) heavy-duty diesel engines for use in urban vehicles to be tested over the World Harmonized Transient Cycle (WHTC). The testing is supplemental to all requirements under the existing China IV/V standards. The new standard, which stipulates revised limit values for NOx emissions when the engines are tested over the WHTC, is designed to prevent excess NOx emissions from vehicles operating in low-load or low-speed applications.

The standard applies to all diesel-fueled public buses, postal trucks, and municipal cleaning vehicles over 3500 kg for use in urban applications.

Manufacturers are required to meet the new standard immediately for new engine/vehicle type approvals. For the China IV stage, the standard goes into force for all engine/vehicle sales and registrations on January 1, 2015. For the China V stage, the new standard will become effective on the same date the full China V standard goes into force.

This nationwide standard, which follows similar action by the Beijing city government last year, is a critical step towards reducing urban air pollution, and sets an important precedent for other regions around the world following the European system of tailpipe emission standards.

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