Working Paper

Zero-emission bus and truck market in China: A 2022 update

HDVs are a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution in China. Despite improvements in diesel engine emissions, China needs to transition to ZE-HDVs to meet its decarbonization goals. This study examines developments in the zero-emission heavy-duty vehicle (ZE-HDV) market in China in 2022, assessing the adoption of ZE technologies across different vehicle segments, regional variations in ZE-HDV uptake, and the market performance of particular ZE manufacturers and battery electric technologies, among other dynamics.

The paper finds that China’s ZE-HDV market experienced a 12% decline in overall sales in 2022, amid notable shifts toward electric trucks, increased diversity in manufacturer market concentration, and substantial growth in ZE tractor-trailers. Battery electric vehicles (BEVs) remained the dominant vehicle type, while alternative technologies like battery swapping and fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) showed modest growth. Looking ahead, the paper also considers some policy and market developments that may shape the near-term outlook for FCEV development in China.

Zero-emission vehicles