Request for proposals

Request for Proposals: Heavy-duty vehicle and engine testing, India

The ICCT is seeking proposals to test heavy-duty vehicles (HDVs) and engines in India. The testing data developed from this project will be used to support modeling in Autonomie, a dynamic vehicle simulation model, to capture the fuel consumption reduction potential of different engine, transmission, and vehicle technologies. The results of this proposed project would be used to simulate the effects of fuel-saving technologies on overall heavy-duty vehicle efficiency, and the relative energy loss mechanisms in the vehicle powertrain at various operation points. The simulations and data from vehicle testing will support the development of an ICCT spreadsheet-based lumped parameter tool to estimate the relative efficiency improvements from heavy-duty vehicle technology packages.

The project—which will consist of both engine-only and full vehicle testing—will have as many of the following testing elements as possible:

Engine-level testing

  • Engine fuel consumption mapping
  • Engine energy audits
  • Engine dynamometer testing over various regulatory cycles

Vehicle-level testing

  • Chassis dynamometer testing (including coastdown testing)
  • Portable emissions measurement system (PEMS) testing
  • Tire rolling resistance testing

Upon receiving the contractor’s proposal, the ICCT will evaluate the costs of each potential testing area and then make a determination as to the scope of work for the project. For each of the six areas, Table 1 summarizes the various work elements. The contractor need not perform these five tasks sequentially, as they are listed in the table and ordered in this document.

See the RFP document below (or download here) for full details.

Proposals are requested via email by 12 pm IST on May 6, 2016 (extended from the original deadline of May 3).

Questions and submission responses to this request for proposal (RFP) should be addressed to Anup Bandivadekar ( or Ben Sharpe (

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