Driving a green future: A retrospective review of China’s electric vehicle development and outlook for the future


In just a decade, China has become the world’s largest electric vehicle (EV) market. Today the country accounts for half of the world’s electric cars and more than 90% of electric buses. This webinar will unfold the incredible growth of China’s EV market and highlight the key national strategies and plans that led to the growth. This webinar will also quantitatively compare China’s EV market, industry value chain, battery technology evolution, competitiveness, and long-term development vision with two other leading EV markets—the United States and Europe. The presentation will shed light on what has made China the world’s largest EV market, what China can offer to the rest of the world in the global transition to zero-emission transportation, and things China should consider in order to sustain its EV success going forward.

Presenter: Lingzhi Jin, Researcher, ICCT

Lingzhi Jin