International Workshop on Black Carbon in Latin America

This one-day workshop presented the sources and impacts of black carbon emissions in Latin America, strategies for controlling major sources, case studies of existing control programs, and the status of air quality control in various countries in the region.


ICCT White Paper, A policy-relevant summary of black carbon climate science and appropriate mitigation strategies English || Spanish || Chinese || Russian

Session 1: The relevance of black carbon as a local and global pollutant Moderator, Dr. Alan Lloyd, International Council on Clean Transportation

A definition of black carbon and major emission sources, Dr. Tami Bond, University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign, United States English

The health impacts of black carbon emissions, Dr. Leonora Rojas, Instituto Nacional de Ecología, México Spanish

The climate science and impacts of black carbon, Dr. Mario Molina, Centro Mario Molina, México Spanish

Session 2: Strategies for reducing black carbon emissions Moderator, Dr. Mario Molina, Centro Mario Molina

Strategies for black carbon controls in the transportation sector, Michael Walsh, International consultant, United States English

Strategies for addressing black carbon emissions from residential stoves, Dr. Kirk Smith, University of California, Berkeley, United States English

Black carbon controls in the state of California, Dr. Alberto Ayala, West Virginia University and California Air Resources Board English

Black carbon emission control strategies in México City, Victor Hugo Páramo, Gobierno del Distrito Federal, México City Spanish

Session 3: The status of black carbon control strategies in Latin America

Moderator, Dr. Leonora Rojas, Instituto Nacional de Ecología, México


Jorge Oviedo, CORPAIRE Spanish


Dr. Ernesto Gramsch, Universidad de Santiago Spanish

Dr. Marcelo Fernándezh, Independent Consultant Spanish


Alexander Valencia Cruz, Ministry of the Environment Spanish


Ana María Contreras, SEMARNAT, México Spanish

Victor Gutiérrez Avedoy, INE-SEMARNAT, México Spanish

Reception Guest speaker: Señora Pamela Olivos, Technical Coordinator, Center of Vehicle Control and Inspection, Ministry of Transport, Chile Spanish