Policy update

Brazil PROCONVE P-8 emission standards

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Brazil’s new PROCONVE P-8 standards will apply to all new on-road passenger and freight vehicles equipped with compression-ignition or spark-ignition engines and weighing at least 3,856 kg. These vehicle categories currently account for an outsized contribution to on-road vehicle emissions in Brazil. 

The P-8 standards will go into effect for new type approvals on January 1, 2022, and for all new sales and registrations on January 1, 2023. The standards apply to domestically produced and imported vehicles. The maximum emission limits  and durability requirements of the standards are equivalent to Euro VI for all fuel types, pollutants, and test cycles.  The standards also require an on-road PEMS test to be performed for at least one vehicle in each engine family to demonstrate compliance with emission limits. 

The introduction of P-8 standards in Brazil will have far-reaching benefits for controlling harmful emissions from HDVs and reducing the associated impacts on air quality and public health. Compared with the P-7 baseline, the introduction of P-8 would yield an estimated US$11 in health benefits for every dollar invested in improved vehicle emission-control technologies.