Policy update

Euro 6e: Changes to the European Union light-duty vehicle type-approval procedure

The European Union Member States recently adopted an amendment to the type-approval test procedure regulation for light-duty vehicles. Since the amendment does not change the applicable Euro 6 emission limits, it is referred to as Euro 6e. This policy update summarizes the key changes to the type-approval procedure that are introduced by Euro 6e that will make CO2 emission values of plug-in hybrid vehicles more real-world representative and will reduce pollutant emissions during real-world driving.

Changes discussed include the adjustment of the utility factor to better reflect the real-world emissions of vehicles, and, for real-driving emission tests, the reduction of emission conformity factors and the extension of the ambient temperature range. In addition, the update reviews new provisions of in-service conformity checks by independent entities and describes the additional requirement of an indicator for the activation of auxiliary emission strategies.

Table showing changes introduced by Euro 6e standards