Working Paper

Real-world use cases for zero-emission trucks: Port tractor-trailers and concrete mixer trucks in Hainan province, China


The paper presented real-world use cases of swap-capable battery electric tractor-trailers at the Port of Yangpu and concrete mixer trucks at cement plants in Hainan province. This study examines the economic benefits of using battery electric heavy-duty trucks based on first-hand empirical data on real-world operations. Our findings revealed that battery electric trucks—especially those purchased under the battery-as-a-service (BaaS) model—offer significant savings over traditional diesel and liquified natural gas (LNG) trucks.

The paper also highlights Hainan’s ambition to lead in new energy vehicle (NEV) adoption and suggests Hainan could further develop clear NEV sales targets for heavy-duty trucks (HDTs). More specifically, Hainan could consider setting 100% NEV targets for HDTs in certain use cases like in-port tractor-trailers and concrete mixer trucks.