Research Staff

Tanzila Khan
Associate Researcher

Location: Washington, D.C.

With ICCT since: 2021


Areas of Focus

Zero-emission vehicles

Tanzila Khan is an Associate Researcher in the Passenger Vehicle Program at the ICCT. Tanzila holds a PhD in Civil (Environmental) Engineering from North Carolina State University and a Master of Science and a Bachelor of Science in Civil (Transportation) Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology. The broad area of her research interests and expertise is at the intersection of transportation emissions, fuel economy, and transportation related air pollution and climate change. Her work at the ICCT is focused on evaluating transportation policies for transitioning to zero-emission vehicle technology, and vehicle fuel economy and greenhouse gas emission standards.

Her prior research works included evaluating the U.S. Federal policy and program targeted for improving light-duty vehicles fuel economy and protecting human health such as U.S. EPA fuel economy ratings, exhaust emission certification tests, and exhaust emission standards; assessing microscale geospatial variation in real-world vehicle activity and emission rates to identify emission hotspots and associated factors that are detrimental to near-road air quality and human health; developing energy and emission estimation model to support how to increase energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from an on-road vehicle fleet; quantifying impacts on air quality (public health) and climate change from implementation of alternative vehicle fuel such as compressed natural gas, compared to conventional diesel and gasoline fuel.