Toward Zero-Emission Off-Road Equipment Symposium

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About this Event
The off-road equipment segment, which includes construction equipment, mining and quarrying, port handling, airport ground support equipment, materials handling, and agricultural machinery, is a significant contributor to carbon emissions and criteria pollutants, including PM and NOx. It has become one of the most challenging transportation segments to decarbonize. Meanwhile, new energy (zero-emission) equipment has presented a unique opportunity to accelerate the transition towards zero emission. However, the communication among domestic and international stakeholders in this field are still limited and there is a pressing need for a deeper understanding of the market’s potential and the effectiveness of policy strategies.

This symposium aims to bring together key stakeholders to establish and enhance the exploration of the market, technology trend, and policy measures that promote zero-emission equipment, and further foster collaboration and engagement among stakeholders. The event has brought together policymakers from Chinese and international regulatory authorities, including the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, Environment and Climate Change Canada, California Air Resources Board, Oslo city government industry representatives and associations, academy and research institutions, and civil society groups. The program covered a wide range of topics, including the latest technological advancements, practical use cases, policy coordination, and market potential.

Symposium Date: October 16th, 2023 (Beijing Time)
Event Venue: Yuyang Hotel, Beijing, P.R.China
Hosting Organizations:
Vehicle Emissions Control Center – Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences
The International Council on Clean Transportation, Beijing Representative Office
China Construction Machinery Association


Several key takeaways from the event:

  • Enhancing communication, engagement, and experience sharing among domestic and international stakeholders is crucial for accelerating the transition toward zero-emission off-road equipment, driving market potential, shaping policy strategies, and fostering technological advancements for sustainable change.
  • Growing interests and efforts in decarbonization are observed globally among stakeholders, where various measures including new technology development, standards, pilots and demonstrations, procurement requirements, and market promotion play a vital role in advancing zero-emission off-road equipment.
  • Policies and regulations including clear climate mitigation goals, zero-emission targets and timelines, and stringent emission standards have proven effective in many regions in accelerating the adoption of zero-emission technology in the off-road sector along with comprehensive supervision and regulation systems.
  • Financial leverage such as direct financial funding, financial lending, and project funding can effectively lower capital expenditure of zero-emission equipment and accelerate the market takeoff.


Presentation topics:

Topic 1: Opportunities, challenges and policy prospects for zero-emission off-road machinery

Topic 2: Technology prospects and market promotion of zero-emission off-road machinery

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