Working Paper

Fleet distribution statistics for new LCVs in the EU in 2010


This paper provides aggregated statistics for the fleet of new light-commercial vehicles in the EU for the year 2010. Light-commercial vehicles are defined as vehicles primarily intended for the transport of goods with a gross vehicle weight of less than 3.5 metric tons. Sub-categories used in this paper include N1 class I vehicles with a reference mass (mass in running order plus 25 kg) not exceeding 1,305 kg; N1 class II vehicles with a reference mass not exceeding 1,760 kg and N1 class III vehicles with a reference mass above 1,760 kg.

The fleet statistics are sorted by the following parameters: COemission, weight, footprint and payload.

Basis for the statistics is a database that was compiled by the ICCT. It includes technical information, emission levels, and registration volumes at a vehicle variant level. Sources of information include data obtained by R. L. Polk from various registration authorities as well as car manufacturers’ and importers’ associations, data from the United Kingdom Vehicle Certification Agency, the German Kraftfahrtbundesamt, and information provided directly by vehicle manufacturers.