Working Paper

Market analysis of heavy-duty vehicles in India for fiscal year 2017–2018

Regulators are working toward an India-specific version of the European Commission’s Vehicle Energy Consumption Calculation Tool (VECTO), and its use in future fuel efficiency regulations would allow India to implement simulation-based standards that are more aligned with trends in other major vehicle markets. Information about the market for new heavy-duty vehicles (HDVs) in India is important when seeking to craft such regionally focused regulations, and to help, this paper examines fiscal year (FY) 2017–18 data for commercial truck and bus sales in the country. This is a follow-up to a previous ICCT market study for FY 2013–14.

The authors break down the new commercial vehicle sales market by vehicle segment, weight category, and manufacturer, and also outline changes since FY 2013–14. As illustrated in the figure below, results show the Indian HDV market remains fairly concentrated, and the top three manufacturers account for roughly 85% of sales. Moreover, analysis shows that the distribution of engine size and power combinations found in the HDV market in India has stayed relatively constant since 2013–14, and the only substantive change was that more engines between 8 and 10 liters were sold in 2017–18. Given this, the authors outline the options for an HDV segmentation system as India transitions to a regulatory program centered around its adaptation of VECTO.

India manufactureres marketshare 2017-18