Position brief

Recommendations for revising the modalities of Europe’s heavy-duty vehicle CO2 standards

The heavy-duty vehicle (HDV) CO2 standards offer little climate benefit in their current form. Increasing levels of activity offset the potential emission reduction benefits in the long-term. To align the HDV sector with the European Climate Law, the European Commission is required to revise the CO2 standards by December 31, 2022. Specifically, the Commission must address a variety of points (otherwise known as modalities), within the current standards. These include giving consideration to the following elements; increasing the stringency of the 2030 targets, introducing targets for 2035 and 2040, extending the standards to unregulated vehicles, adjusting incentives for zero- and low-emission vehicles, considering whether to account for synthetic and advanced renewable fuels, introducing an engine-based standards, and assessing the emissions credit and debit system. This brief provides recommendations for the amendment of these modalities which would align the HDV sector with the European Climate Law.


Infographic showing recommendations for the EU heavy-duty CO2 standards

Summary of recommendations for the HDV CO2 standards review